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Bought a MacBook Pro - OSX Tiger - plugged in my Logitech laser mouse, downloaded the Logitech for Mac stuff, no problem.There is more documentation available here if you want to see about having the cursor change as you mouse over other objects.

By default, the cursor is omitted when you take a screenshot on Mac, but there is an easy way to include it when needed and this tutorial shows you how.If your Mac has issues related to settings stored in NVRAM or PRAM, resetting it might help.

How to change between the different cursor types in the desktop editions of the ArtRage painting program.

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You can adjust the size of the pointer in the System Preferences menu.

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You can enlarge Text Cursor and change Mouse Pointer in Windows 10 to make it thicker, white or black in color to improve its visibility on screen.

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Meanwhile, this article will introduce the methods to change mouse pointer color and size for your convenience. iSunshare Blog.GitHub Gist: How to change cursor shape, color, and blinkrate of Linux Console.

The mouse cursor can be set to one of the operating system cursors, a custom image, or hidden completely.Change the mouse cursor. where a small footprint of the cursor shape will follow it around on screen.

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Plain white mouse cursors seem small on high-resolution screens.Learn How to Change the Look of Mouse Pointer in Windows 7 and Also Add Colorful, Animations to it Using Some Cool Tools.Here are you can get a way, to change the folder color in Mac OS High Sierra, MacOS Sierra, Mac OS EI Capitan, Mac OS Yosemite.

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Stay touch with us in the comment section for more help like change cursor size on MacOS High Sierra, Mac OS X EI Capitan, Yosemite or senior running on MacBook, iMac, MacBook Air, Pro.

What to do when your Mac displays a blank screen and the cursor after a macOS update. a blank screen that only displayed the cursor. powering on the Mac.Why Windows and Mac OS X do not have rotated mouse cursor for.

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This example shows how to change the Cursor of the mouse pointer for.

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This wikiHow teaches you how to change the speed at which your mouse pointer moves on a Windows or Mac computer.