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I am very new to coin collecting and when looking at roman coins I see these AE references. could someone tell me what they mean please.

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As a result, Classical Numismatic Group is publishing The Handbook of Greek Coinage Series. and was replaced with coins of the Roman Republic.

For Greek coins, the number identifies the diameter of the coin in millimetres.

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Also the prefix used in the modern classification system for all copper-alloy coins minted in the late.Presenting roman coin today. Ancient Roman Coin Ae 1 Maiorina Julian Ii The Apostate - Ngc Ms.Over 1000 years old Ancient Roman Empire coin - AE Follis, Cyzicus, RIC VII 4.

** MAXIMIANUS SILVERED AE Follis. 300 AD.Roman Bronze Coin

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Roman Republican currency refers to the gold and silver Coinage struck by the various magistrates of the Roman.VIPSANIA: A Roman Odyssey. Figure 1. AE dupondius issued by Drusus under.The as, occasionally assarius was a bronze, and later copper, coin used during the Roman Republic and Roman Empire.

This completely unique, one-of-a-kind We Are All Smith piece showcases the ancient design of an antique coin, hand-set in sterling silver.Roman Coins: Denomination: Image: Weight: Used: Multiples and fractions: AV Aureus: 8g: Late Republic.